Tharp & Associates

Insurance Holding Company Systems

Our principals possess significant expertise in the change of control of insurers and reporting of related-party transactions by and among insurers and affiliates under Insurance Holding Company System Acts, including:

  • Form A – Change of Control of Insurer
  • Form B – Annual Amendment to Insurance Holding Company System Registration Statement
  • Form C – Changes to Form B Filings
  • Form D – Prior Notice of a Transaction

The purpose of Insurance Holding Company System reporting is to ensure that controlling persons do not enter into transactions with affiliates that are beneficial to the controlling group while detrimental to the insurance company.

Insurance Holding Company System Acts are designed to regulate transactions by and among affiliates, known as “related party transactions”, transactions that are potentially not “arms length” and therefore ripe for self-dealing, requiring a higher degree of scrutiny given their related party nature. Tharp’s professionals are experienced in assessing and scrutinizing these types of transactions.